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Vegetarian Catering for Small Parties: Delightful Menus to Impress Your Guests

By Arthur

June 22, 2023

With a wave of eco- and health-conscious subgroups choosing to forgo meat, choosing vegetarian catering for your next party could be a smart choice. This article will explain the benefits of serving a delicious vegetarian meal at your next gathering.

Opt for catering for smoother party planning

Food is at the heart of every gathering, so getting the menu right is crucial for any party. From buying ingredients, adjusting recipes to meet dietary needs, and cleaning up, making a home-cooked meal for your guests can be draining. The next best option is to order a catering service into the comfort of your home. This will give guests the warmth of eating around your dining table while freeing you of the hassle of preparing the food on top of your host duties. 

Why choose vegetarian catering?

Getting vegetarian catering might not be the first instinct for most Singaporeans. Here are a few reasons to consider getting vegetarian catering for your next party.

Meet a wide range of dietary restrictions

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, with many groups following their unique dietary guidelines. Consuming beef, pork or any other meat is prohibited for followers of certain religions. Other guests might also avoid meat on certain days for health or ethical reasons. Getting vegetarian catering can be a one size fits all approach to meet the needs of many different subgroups at once. This can make it easier to plan a party menu when there are various dietary restrictions to accommodate.

Create an inclusive party

Often when there are vegetarians joining a party, a host might choose to get separate food arrangements for them or ensure that a certain proportion of dishes are vegetarian-friendly. Take a step further in thoughtfulness by allowing your vegetarian guests to feel included in the whole spread of dishes that is served during the party. By opting for vegetarian catering, everyone can share food and eat together without being cautious about accidentally mixing utensils or cross-contamination with meat dishes.

Take a step in sustainability

The demand for meat consumption has fueled the animal agriculture industry to bear a significant carbon footprint, contributing to deforestation, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. With the choice of vegetarian catering, you can take a small step to reduce your environmental impact and introduce your guests to the goodness of vegetarian food.

Order Makan Mate’s Vegetarian Catering

At Makan Mate, we know the importance of good food to keep your guests happy and healthy. Our vegetarian catering options offer a wide range of dishes your meat lover friends will love. From mains to drinks and desserts, we cover a full course meal so you can focus on entertaining your guests. head to our website, pick a party set, indicate your dietary preferences and get it delivered to your doorstep on your selected date. Satisfying your guests with a wholesome meal is just one click away.

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