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Healthy and Tasty: How Steamboat Buffet Catering Offers a Unique Dining Experience

By Arthur

June 7, 2023


Steamboat buffet catering, being a delightful option, serves as a perfect addition to any gathering and has the ability to please any crowd. With a bubbling pot filled with nourishing broth and a wide range of ingredients, everyone gets to decide what they want to eat from the selection. Steamboats are a delicious and convenient opportunity for fostering quality time while eating to bring your friends and family close.

What is Steamboat Buffet Catering?

Steamboat buffet catering delivers a set of steamboat essentials to your doorstep to take the burden off you when deciding how to curate the perfect hotpot. When getting ingredients for a steamboat, it can be challenging to find the sweet spot between too few ingredients that can leave your guests hungry and too much food that will be difficult to keep for the next day. 

By getting a steamboat buffet catering set, you will not have to worry about getting the right ingredients. Your caterer will be able to determine a suitable package to please your guests. At Makan Mate, our package includes seasonal greens, whole prawns, scallops, enoki and shitake mushrooms, ebiko fish balls, sea cucumber, meatballs, and so much more in a hearty collagen herbal chicken broth.

Why get Steamboat Buffet Catering?

Steamboat buffet catering is a popular choice for parties. Let’s take a look at why it is a crowd favourite.

Healthy & Fresh Option

When catering for parties, it is common to go for something indulgent to impress your guests. Steamboats are the perfect way to go a healthier route while satisfying your guests. With the addition of leafy greens, fresh seafood, lean proteins, and staples, steamboats offer a balanced and satisfying way to fill stomachs and hearts.

Easy to Prepare

With steamboat buffet catering, you get portions perfect for your groups’ size with pre-prepared broths and pre-cut ingredients. Once you get a catering package, simply prepare a pot and utensils and you are ready for your guests to arrive. 

Inclusive Dining Experience

Steamboats are perfect for bringing people together. With a central pot that everyone is digging into, help your loved ones fish out ingredients once they have been perfectly cooked and pass around the condiments to share. If your guests are meeting each other for the first time, the steamboat will give them opportunities to interact.

Get Steamboat Buffet Catering with Makan Mate

For your next gathering, impress your guests with fresh and flavourful ingredients without worrying that the food will get cold when your guests arrive. At Makan Mate, our soups are made daily, simmering for hours on the stove to extract the best nutrients and flavours for a rich broth. 

Our steamboat buffet catering sets are great for intimate gatherings, huddled over a warm comforting soup. There’s something for everyone with our range of sets brimmed with varieties of seafood, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, meat, noodles, and condiments.

Browse our selection of Makan Mate steamboat buffet catering sets to prepare for your next party.

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