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  • [Pan Seas] Charcoal Otah Pocket Bun (Small) – 6 pcs

[Pan Seas] Charcoal Otah Pocket Bun (Small) – 6 pcs


Delicious Otah Pocket Buns that are so simple to prepare! Generous portions of fish otah sandwiched between a soft and fluffy charcoal bun that can be enjoyed at any time of the day and works great for gatherings. Our charcoal buns are a healthier version to the original white buns but tastes just as good!

Preparation method: Steam

– 6 pcs per packet
– Product comes frozen
– Store at -18°C or below
– Halal-certified

Ingredients: Fish, Coconut milk, Curry powder, Chilli, Flour, Sugar, Yeast, Baking powder, Bamboo charcoal powder

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