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Saba Fillet


Saba Fillet

Saba is a type of mackerel that is known for its rich, oily taste and health benefits. Saba fish comes from Norway and you can find them in food stalls around Singapore that sell Japanese and South Korea cuisines! The most popular way of cooking the Saba is to grill it, but be careful when you consume it as there will be small bones. This fish is more suitable for adults!

Saba, the Atlantic mackerel is scientifically know as Scomber scombrus. It is sought after for its strong flavour meat and high level in oil content and omega-3 fatty acids among other nutrients. Despite its highly commercial status, the Atlantic mackerel is classified as the least concern for sustainability.

We maintain a temperature controlled cold chain to ensure our products maintain product quality from time of manufacture to your doorstep.


Condition: Fresh Frozen to capture it’s maximum freshness (Keep frozen immediately if not cooking)

Storage: Store at -18°C or below

Available Packaging and Weight:

> Weight: 0.8kg / PKT

> Available in CTN as well (message us to inquire)


Country Of Origin: Norway

Storage Guidelines: Please keep it refrigerated upon receiving the fish if not for immediate consumption. Recommend keep frozen at -12 degrees celsius.

Cooking & Preparation: Grill, Pan Fry, Deep Fry, Curry

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