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  • Reef Cod Grouper Fillet 石斑鱼片

Reef Cod Grouper Fillet 石斑鱼片


Reef Cod Grouper Fillet 石斑鱼片

Grouper / Reef Cod are widely seen in temperate waters from mid-Atlantic states and Florida to South America, Central America and Gulf of Mexico. Groupers are rich in protein, but they have higher mercury levels. Reef Cod Grouper is not only a beautiful fish but tastes amazing too! The meat is firm and bouncy and is usually steamed in order to fully appreciate its quality and delicate texture.

Our favourite recipes: Hotpot, Steamed Grouper slices with ginger and scallion

Condition: Fresh Frozen to capture it’s maximum freshness (Keep frozen immediately if not cooking)
Storage: Store at -18°C or below
Available Packaging and Weight:
> Weight: 10kg / ctn
>> 250/350g – (SKU: F 625623)
>> 350/400g – (SKU: FL 625634)
Sold by 1KG per PKT

Note: Great care has been taken to debone the fish but some bones may still remain.

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