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Herbal Anxin Chicken Leg Soup (600g)


An Xin chicken is the first broiler from Toh Thye San Farm that is bred without the use of antibiotic growth promoters or hormones. These birds are from France and its distinctive feature is long naked neck, hence it is sometimes called “Naked Neck Chicken”.

1. An Xin Chicken from Toh Thye San Farm is a premium quality
chicken breed from France known as GG French Poulet.
2. Free from chemical growth hormones and antibiotics and is
perfect for soups and cooking healthy dishes!
3. The meat of the An Xin Chicken is succulent, sweet and tender
with a Non-greasy taste.
4. Chickens are allowed to roam freely in spacious pens with
plenty of natural light and elevated perches to ensure healthy

Preparation method:
1) Thaw fully
2) Heat on stovetop (stir frequently) or microwave (stir halfway through)
3) Serve

– Suitable for 2pax (600g)
– No added MSG and preservatives
– Product comes frozen

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