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  • Bountiful Harvest Delight 8 pax for $300.88

Bountiful Harvest Delight 8 pax for $300.88

$37.61 for pt

Product Price

Menu set includes the following:
1) Propperous Snow Fungus & Sliced Imperial Abalone on Bed of Broccoli
2) Sauteed Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk & Bell Pepper
3) Sauteed Scallop in Xo Sauce
4) Baked Teriyaki Cod Fish Fillet
5) Homemade Ngoh Hiang with Sweet Sauce
6) Scrumptpious Fried Rice with Crispy Cod Fillet
7) Longan & Peach Gum Dessert

Terms & Conditions:
a. Prices are subjected to $80 transport (CBD $100) and prevailing GST charge.
b. Food is best consumed within 3 hours.
c. Provision of full table set-up with warmers, disposable cornware crockery & cutlery. No takeaway packaging will be provided as in accordance to SFA regulation.
d. Maximum 3 hours per function upon arrival time, additional charge of $25/hr after the designated collection time. Collection of catering on the following day will be chargeable at $50 per trip e. Applied surcharge of $80/level for function room above or below street level without lift landing.
f. Additional charges of $50.00 is applicable for delivery before 8.30am or after 7pm. Payment by Bank Transfer or Cheque or refer to Sales Executive for other payments method – Ge-Biz or Electronic Transfer.
g. A cancellation of 50% from the total order amount will be charged for any cancellation made less than 5 working days from date of function.
h. We reserve the right to change the dish to another with equivalent value without prior notice due to seasonality.

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